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    The reason for choosing ANDME

    Only understanding will choose everything because of ANDME and change
    01 brand strength

    ANDME advantage of the industry well-known brands

    1. 01more than 10 years of industry-leading brands, set anchor, repair materials such as product development, production and sales as one of the well-known enterprises.
    2. 02own research and development departments, semi-automated production workshop and high-quality management team, truly R & D production and marketing integration.
    3. 03ANDME has more than 10 provinces and cities across the country set up a complete sales network.
    4. 04hire professional and technical team, to improve product quality, research and development of new products.
    5. 05Professional and technical team, improve product quality.
    02 strong production

    One-stop storage and assembly line processing equipment

    The company is equipped with the industry's top manufacturing machines and strong professional and technical personnel, semi-automatic production workshop equipped with clean 5 S management, improve workshop R & D and production efficiency. At the same time, one-stop storage, 24-hour management personnel supervision, safe and effective storage mechanism can make a significant increase in product safety performance.

    03 Customer Testimonials

    Tens of thousands of projects witnessed rave reviews

    1. 01ANDME plastic in the Doubletree by Hilton hotel renovation, by every customer and the tourists alike.
    2. 02Is committed to strengthening basic construction, appreciated by customers.

    ANDME masterpiece, one after another

    Only understanding will choose everything because of ANDME and change

    Join ANDME to share wealth

    ANDME to share the wealth of the door


    System production management

    Companies with production machinery and production lines in the industry, with the industry for many years engaged in the elite, composed of a semi-automated production processes.

    Quality service team

    ANDME is committed to the cultivation of the industry elite, attention to personnel culture and professionalism of the training, publicity people-oriented.


    Fast and accurate calculation
    of the amount of anchorage glue

    We help you accurately calculate the actual amount of planting sticks of glue, do not delay your project.

    ANDME planting sticks plastic calculation tools





    The total amount of glue used for anchorage (screw)0.0ml
    Need to use a total of 360ml of anchorage glue0.0Support
    Need to use a total of 390ml of anchorage glue0.0Support